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Most common disease on the planet??

We have all seen Colgate and Oral B commercials – promising to fight tooth decay and keep your teeth healthy. We have all heard about the apple a day, keep the doctor away story. Well, yes, technically that’s all true, but that’s only one small aspect. Patients at dentist Corio, coming in for a routine check-up often find out that they have multiple rotten teeth or dental decay. They are always surprised and always swear that they have been doing everything right. Some of the things we always hear are:

“I don’t eat sweets”
“I am vegan and very conscious about what I eat”
“I brush my teeth twice a day”
“I use an electric toothbrush, twice a day”
“I floss my teeth”
“I don’t eat junk food”
“I cook all my own meals”
“I have regular dental check ups”

Why do I still have dental cavities? Dentist Corio explains

Great question! The answer 9/10 times is – sneaky sugars! Sneaky sugars are those ingredients which are often NOT called “sugar” in the ingredients list and may appear in savoury foods.

At Corio Central Dental, we find that a lot of patients often feel quite resistant to have a conversation about their diet. This is  ESPECIALLY true for the health conscious patients. Eating healthy foods and eliminating desserts and/or junk food, DOES NOT mean your diet is good for your teeth. You are still at risk of dental decay if you eat healthy. Dentist Corio has come up with the list below.

10 Foods Which You Would Not Expect to Cause Dental Decay:

  1. pasta sauce (most contain sugar)
  2. 100% fruit juice (most have added sugar and/or acid)
  3. vitamin/flavoured water (definitely has sugar)
  4. flavoured popcorn (definitely sticky sugar)
  5. muesli bars (definitely sticky sugars, even the really healthy ones!)
  6. yoghurt (most have sugar. ‘No added sugars’ types still have sweeteners which cause dental decay)
  7. breath mints (the ones that contain sugar)
  8. chewing gum (some brands still add sugar)
  9. milk – YES, there is sugar in some brands of milk (dairy and plant both)
  10. savoury biscuits (check the ingredients, you will be surprised!)

A great way to find out if your diet is good for your teeth is to keep a food diary for a typical week (weekdays and weekend) and then come see us. Dentist Corio will go through it together and break it down for you, making some great suggestions, on how you can still eat what you like but ensure that your teeth stay healthy.

A great film to watch is That Sugar Film, it will make you think about “eating healthy” in an entirely different way.



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It’s For My Partner, Dad, Son Boyfriend…

It’s almost every day that we get a phone call from a female, complaining of a broken tooth or a toothache, asking for treatment costs and appointment times. It’s only when we begin to make the booking that she usually says “ohh.. it’s not for me the dental appointment corio is for my partner/husband/boyfriend/son/dad/..” Why do men avoid getting help, and especially dental appointments?

5 Main Reasons Men Don’t Book Dental Appointments Corio

Well here are some ideas we have come up with over the years:

  1. FEAR!!! It’s hard for anyone to admit that they may feel anxious about something, and this is especially true for men. Some of the toughest, tattoo covered, Harley Davidson riding blokes are absolutely petrified of coming to the dentist.
  2. Head in the sand approach…the toothache will eventually go away….if I just wait long enough…I dont need that dental appointment corio
  3. Prices – most people believe that dental treatment is far more expensive than it actually is and feel embarrassed when they cannot afford it.
  4. No self-care; some people don’t consider teeth as a vital part of their health (until they lose too many and their quality of life is seriously deteriorated!).
  5. Embarrassment – majority of people feel very self-conscious to have their mouth/teeth looked at and feel that they will be judged or criticised.

All of the above are very real and valid reasons, but the problem is that, if they are not addressed, they only become more overwhelming.

5 Reasons To Book a Dental Appointment Corio Today

Here are some ideas on how to help your man (or anyone, really), to book in for that overdue dental check up:

  1. We have a wonderful and loving therapy dog who can sit by your side during that terrifying dental appointment and make it all better. We are also an all female team and are super non-scary!
  2. Toothaches don’t go away by themselves. If they do, it’s only a matter of time before they come back!
  3. Tight on cash right now? No problem we offer 12Mth Interest Free Payment Plan!
  4. Dental problems are related to heart disease, bone disease, diabetes….its far more than what is happening in the mouth. Poor dental health is also related to self confidence. Oh yeah and BAD BREATH!
  5. We don’t judge, we listen and help.

Guys, if you don’t want to pick up the phone, get online and make that first booking!