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Dental appointments during pregnancy

Is it safe to have dental treatment when pregnant?

It’s extremely important to make sure you don’t have any infections or disease relating to your teeth and gums during pregnancy. Dental appointments during pregnancy can either be check-ups or actual treatment. Check-ups are very safe and an excellent idea, to have during your pregnancy. If you are experiencing pain already, it’s much better to have the problem resolved, instead of taking pain killers and antibiotics. Leaving tooth decay, gum disease and other oral health problems untreated can be harmful to you and your baby.

Does being pregnant put me at a higher risk of dental disease?

Many changes occur during pregnancy and yes, the risk of having dental problems increase.

Most common problems are

  • Hormones levels change during pregnancy and this can cause bleeding gums – a condition called gingivitis
  • Mouth ulcers can become more frequent
  • Pregnancy epulis – a lump on the gum can form during pregnancy
  • Vomiting can lead to higher exposure of teeth to acid, leading to sensitivity and/or pain
  • Increased sugar cravings can lead to more cavities
  • Less time for proper oral care can leave your mouth health neglected

pregnancy gingivitis


Corio Central Dental will often recommend making several dental appointments during pregnancy, so we can check the condition of your teeth and gums, recommend adjustments to your oral care routine or carry out any treatments needed. We are very proud to have an all female team and will do our very best to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

What should I do before getting pregnant?

Ensuring that you are free of dental disease is very important before becoming pregnant. Corio Central Dental recommends that you have a comprehensive examination and manage any urgent conditions, to prevent pain and infection in the next 12mths. Something as simple as an impacted wisdom tooth, which has never bothered you in the the past, may flare up during pregnancy and can cause a serious facial swelling. Preventing this is much better than managing the pain later.

Can I have dental x-rays during pregnancy?

If you are already experiencing pain and need urgent dental treatment to be done, x-rays be  unavoidable. The level of radiation is minimal and equivalent to about 20mins out in the sunshine. However, if you are just having a routine check- up, Corio Central Dental may suggest waiting until the end of your pregnancy to have the x-rays taken.

Is dental anaesthetic safe during pregnancy?

Most dental anaesthetics are safe during pregnancy. If you are in pain and needing urgent dental care, it is a good idea to ensure that you are numb enough and do not feel pain during the appointment. If you feel comfortable during the appointment, your body and your baby will be under much less stress. There are some anaesthetics which are not safe to use during pregnancy, so ensure you always make it clear to the dentist, that you are expecting.

Can I get a tooth pulled when pregnant?

Yes, it is possible to perform most dental treatments, like root canal treatment, extractions and fillings during pregnancy. Experiencing pain and infection for a long period of time is more detrimental to your and your baby’s health, then having a dental procedure which will help to eliminate the pain and infection.

Does a root canal affect pregnancy?

Root canal treatment may be necessary to save a very decayed tooth from being extracted. Root canal treatment can stop the pain right away, by removing the infected tissue. This time of treatment can be performed during pregnancy.



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