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Do you have the best dentist in Geelong?

Do you have the best dentist in Geelong?

We live in a fast-paced world where technology is ever changing, expectations placed upon us are higher than ever and time is always lacking. Materialistic possessions and monetary achievements are highly valued. Dentists and dental practices have a reputation of being expensive, money hungry, judgemental and indifferent.


Unfortunately, at Corio Central Dental, we often hear patients share stories, where one or more of the above-mentioned, have been true. We hear them with the greatest regret and from the bottom of our hearts, believe this:


A dental health care professional is obligated to offer you the following, each and every time you meet:






-actions driven by integrity

-options for your unique situation

-financial sincerity

-time to process the information

-anxiety management strategies

-allow you to make a decision at your own pace


We believe that all the components on the above list would create the best dentist, not just your average dentist.


Difference between good dentist and best:

A good dentist is someone who has good knowledge of teeth. A dentist who is able to diagnose the problem and perform dental treatment to a satisfactory standard. A best dentist, however, understands that there is a human being sitting in front of them, often petrified and in a position lacking control. A best dentist understands that building a safe and honest space, where a healthy dentist-patient relationship can grow and flourish is the key. Dental treatment is performed in a sincere and professional manner, once trust has been established. The best dentist Geelong is free of judgement, preconceived notions or agendas. The best dentist is ready to serve and honour each person’s unique needs and sensitivities.


Corio Central Dental believes that you deserve best dentist in Geelong. Listen to what our patients have to say:









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