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Sensitive Teeth

The start of winter means that we are getting into some pretty low temperatures in the mornings and evenings. This also means that some of us will start to notice that the cold air may feel quite painful on our teeth, if we are exercising outside for example, and mouth breathe. Sensitive teeth is a widespread problem and can affect people of all ages.


What are sensitive teeth

If your teeth hurt when you eat ice-cream, drink hot beverages, or eat sour foods or citrus, you may have ‘sensitive teeth’. Sensitivity can be every now and again or frequent, and the level of discomfort experienced can vary, but the triggers are usually hot and cold, sweet and sour foods and drinks. Some people even feel pain from simply breathing in cold air!


Why are teeth sensitive

Pain and sensitivity can be a result of dental disease or simply extreme wearing out of the tooth surface. Here are some of the most common reasons:

  • gum disease – gums move down from the original gum line and expose the root of the tooth
  • smoking – which is actually the main reason for gum disease, the reason is the same as above, sensitive teeth caused by gum moving away and exposing the fragile root surface
  • toothbrush that is too hard  – will commonly wear away the top layer of enamel
  • brushing with too much pressure – will lead to sensitive teeth by wearing away the enamel of the tooth
  • acid erosion – nothing worse than a perfectly healthy tooth being repeatedly exposed to high levels of acid (such as juices, soft drinks) causing them to become sensitive teeth
  • grinding teeth – this can happen during the day or at night and rapidly wears down healthy tooth structure, exposing the inner surface of the tooth called dentine


How to fix tooth sensitivity

  • buy soft tooth brush
  • brush your teeth with minimal force
  • quit smoking
  • have regular dental check ups and ensure you do not have gum disease
  • if you have gum disease, let us help you with treatment
  • use products designed to relieve sensitivity, such as toothpastes
  • reduce acid containing foods and drinks in your diet
  • arrange to have a splint made – to protect your teeth from wear if you grind them


There is no need to suffer any longer, book a time to see one of our amazing experienced dentists to help you feel more comfortable.







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