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Corio Central Dental on STICKY SUGARS…

Corio Central Dental explains sticky sugars…

Not all sugary foods and drinks are made equal, so we thought to help clarify the differences. Some types of sugars are far more damaging to our teeth than others. Our teeth have 5 surfaces in total. The top surface of back teeth have deep grooves, called fissures. Foods that get “stuck” inside the deep grooves of teeth cause more cavities. Contrary to the common beliefs, sticky sugars are not always found in desserts. There are plenty of foods or even savoury meals that contain sticky sugars, so it’s worth learning about them. Corio Central Dental, sees patients every single day for the management of dental caries. Decay is the most prevalent and poorly diagnosed disease on the planet!

Some examples of foods which contain sticky sugars are:

-“healthy” muesli bars

-nut bars

-flavoured chips

-dried fruit crackers

-various sauces

-flavoured popcorn

-flavoured nuts

-crunchy chocolates



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Corio Central Dental explains sticky sugars VS other sugars?

Sugars in food play a major role in the development of dental caries. Caries (holes in teeth) develop when bacteria within plaque use the sugar (in food) as energy (bacteria eat sugar). Bacteria then go on to release acid, as a waste product. This acidic waste product gradually dissolves the enamel (protective layer) in the teeth, therefore causing cavities. When bacteria have lots of sugar to eat, they can produce lots of acid waste product. Sticky sugars “get stuck” in the grooves of our teeth, therefore, bacteria have more time to produce the acidic waste product.

Alternatives to sticky sugars..

If you wish to have a sweet treat, Corio Central Dental recommends choosing something that is softer and more liquidy. Foods which can easily be washed off the tooth surfaces with a simple rinse or brush.

Some examples are:

-ice cream


-soft creamy desserts


-plain chocolate

-hot chocolate

-soft cakes

We can help if your teeth are already damaged by sugars….

Patient are often completely unaware that teeth can be developing cavities, so Corio Central Dental recommends to have a check up at least every 6 months. Dental x-rays are really important in diagnosing cavities. Corio Central Dental dentists take x-rays as part of the New Patient Comprehensive Examination Package – for $195.



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