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Preventative Dental

Are you an anxious patient and worried about having needles in your mouth? This page is for you.

Preventative dental treatment is the best investment you can make towards your oral health and to avoid needles.

Preventative dental means:

  • a quick and easy dental check-up WHEN NOTHING HURTS
  • following through with some simple suggestions like changing what you eat or the way you brush your teeth
  • possibly taking x-rays of your teeth to check for internal damage
  • understanding what treatment may be needed in the future, so you can best plan without being shocked later
  • preventative treatment such as; fissure sealants can be done before cavities in your teeth develop
  • which are less expensive than fillings and are completely painless

Preventative dental is the best approach for both kids and adults to protect teeth, before cavities develop.


Benefits of Preventative Dental:

  • cheaper than traditional dental treatment
  • avoid needles
  • avoid pain
  • avoid needing teeth removal
  • avoid inconvenient dental emergencies after hours or on the weekends
  • avoid need for antibiotics for dental infections
  • less time off work for dental pain/infections
  • less stressful
  • appointments are planned in advance, so can be done at a time that suits you
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