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Implant Overdentures

This is a type of denture which "clicks in place". This option is great for any patients who have had many different dentures made over the years, but always find the dentures loose.

An implant overdenture requires having a few implants placed in the jaw first. Once they have healed, a specilised denture is made to clip onto the implants. This creates a very stable solution.

Patients are amazed at the change in quality of life they experience! They are, for the very first time, in a long time are able to eat all types of foods and chew properly.

Full Dentures

A full denture is made when there are no remaining natural teeth left. It can be just for the :

-top arch/jaw

-bottom arch/jaw

-for both top and bottom arches/jaws

We are able to create a full denture or offer you a replacement, for an old pair that you may not be happy with.

Immediate Dentures

If you are in a situation where your teeth are broken beyond the point of repair and need to all be removed, immediate denture(s) is a great option. We can arrange for a full denture(s) to be constructed and ready to insert on the same day as your teeth are removed. This option means minimal down time for work. Patients often find the transition from natural teeth to dentures much easier, when they can start to get used to their new teeth straight away.

We can arrange for your broken teeth to be removed under general anaesthetic, as a single procedure. We offer this option as day surgery in Geelong, so there is no overnight stay.

Removable Dentures

If all or some of your teeth have been lost, removable dentures may be the solution that suits. We are able to create a full denture (replacing all teeth) or partial (only replacing a few teeth) denture for you.

We are very lucky to have Rob Clark - prosthetist for over 30yrs making dentures for our patients.

Partial Dentures

If you have lost a single tooth or a few teeth, then a partial denture is a treatment that may be suitable. Partial dentures work well to replace both front and back missing teeth.

Partial dentures either have a metal or an acrylic base. Artificial teeth, which are used to replace your missing teeth are colour matched to any adjacent teeth, for a cosmetic result. Partial dentures are a removable treatment option and do need to be removed after meals for cleaning.

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