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Are you a victim of teeth grinding?

What is teeth grinding?

Bruxism is the official name for teeth grinding together, when they should be at rest. This is unnatural activity and causes many negative consequences. Top and bottom teeth should only be in contact for about 20mins each day. This includes activities such as speaking, chewing, swallowing. When, not in use, top and bottom teeth should be a few mm apart.


Why do people grind their teeth?

It’s still unclear to scientists, why up to 30% of all people grind their teeth. Some of the more well known reasons are:

  • stress
  • prescription drugs
  • recreational drugs
  • genetic predisposition
  • anatomy of jaw
  • psychiatric disorders
  • neurological disorders


What are the signs and symptoms of teeth grinding?

  • teeth become shorter
  • teeth become more sensitive
  • teeth start to chip along edges
  • vertical cracks can be seen along the front of the tooth
  • shape of gum changes
  • headaches
  • jaw aches
  • pain when yawning
  • pain around jaws in the morning
  • discomfort when chewing hard foods

Teeth Grinding or Bruxism Can be Dangerous for You


How to stop teeth grinding?

Teeth grinding or bruxism can be a temporary response in relation to stressful time in a person’s life. At, Corio Central Dental, we have seen many patients complain of the above-mentioned signs during challenging times in their life. Circumstances, like exams, moving house, getting a divorce, etc. The grinding may naturally reduce, once the stressful even has passed. In most cases, however, grinding continues for many years and produces significant damage to teeth and gums. The best way to prevent further damage in these situations is to have a custom made night splint made by one of our dentists. Wearing this splint each night will allow the teeth to rest and this can reduce many of the symptoms like headaches and jaw pain.


What should I do if I think I’m a grinder?

Book in for a consultation with one of our amazing dentists and let us assess your unique situation. We can offer advice on repairing any damage which may have already been done and offer solutions on how to prevent problems in the future.


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