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Smile Enhancement & Makeover

Self-esteem can be closely linked to the appearance of our teeth. There are many options which can help to change the way your teeth and gums look, and we have plenty of creative solutions to suit every budget.

Some common problems we can help our patients with:

  • whitening teeth to a lighter shade
  • polishing old fillings to restore shine
  • repairing broken teeth
  • repairing chipped teeth
  • changing silver fillings to white fillings
  • creating symmetry between the right and left side teeth
  • replacing caps on teeth after injuries
  • closing unsightly gaps on front teeth
  • masking the look of crooked teeth
  • making short teeth appear longer
  • rebuilding worn down teeth to their natural size and shape
  • replacing old crowns
  • replacing old veneers
  • replacing old dentures
  • replacing stained fillings
  • reshaping gums
  • replacing dentures to a more aesthetic - permanent option
  • changing tooth shape to a more favourable option

Creating a new smile is a collaborative effort between you and one of our dentists. We will always do our best to understand your unique situation and create a result that you will be thrilled about.

Corio Central Dental dentists practice with professionalism and integrity. There will never be a push towards one type type of treatment over another. Our responsibility is to offer information to help our patients make the best choices for them.

The best place to start is to book a consultation and we can just have a chat about how you would like to improve your smile.

If you have an important event, we can work towards a certain time frame.

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