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Children’s Dental Appointment – Do’s and Dont’s!

Your Child’s Dental Appointment

Many parents worry and stress about how their children’s dental appointment will go. Whether it’s just a check-up or a booking for dental treatment – the idea can be daunting. Will my child feel comfortable? Will the dentist be nice? Will it hurt? Will there be needles? And the list goes on.

7 Ways for your Children’s Dental Appointment to be Comfortable

  1. Kids are not naturally scared of the dentist – they often pick up the fears their parents have and become scared of the dentist. Parents – please do not project your fears onto your children!
  2. First dental appointment for a young child – there is no need to talk about needles, teeth being pulled out etc. We are always amazed how horrifying some “prep talks” can be and just how terrified the child comes in for a simple check-up kid’s dental appointment.
  3. DO NOT create an association between dentist and doctor. Many kids have a bad experience at a doctor/hospital. It’s far better to just have simple dental check-up and let your child explore the environment and understand how the children’s dental appointment works.
  4. Write down questions – Your child may be curious or anxious about the upcoming appointment. Sit down with them and make a list of all the reasons why they feel apprehensive. We can start with this list at your first visit to Corio Central Dental. The best way to make any patient feel comfortable is to address all the reasons for fear and anxiety. Kids dental appointment is no different.
  5. Taking the time – At Corio Central Dental, we take the time to care. Our practice and every team member within the practice, is very aware of dental phobia.  We first meet and allow the child to feel comfortable in the room. We can try a very simple procedure on the day or at the next appointment, to gain trust.
  6. Child not coping – if your child has already had a negative dental experience in the past and requires a lot of work, we can arrange for sleep dentistry.
  7. Paw therapy – last but not least, if your child likes dogs, why not make a dental appointment booking during our dog therapy session? The adorable Delta therapy dog is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Which dentist will my child meet ?

Meet our female dentists!

Best Thing to Say Before a First Kid’s Dental Appointment:

“We are going to meet a new friend today, who will have a look inside your mouth and maybe take some pictures of your teeth” This is sufficient.



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