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Smile Makeover in Geelong

No braces, smile makeover in Geelong

One of the biggest reasons patients feel embarrassed to smile is because they are not happy with the way their teeth look. We absolutely LOVE to surprise our patients and help them achieve a better smile in sometimes, a single visit, without any braces or Invisalign. A smile makeover is one of the treatments we routinely provide to our patients, at Corio Central Dental.

What is a smile makeover?

A smile makeover is a customised improvement of a person’s smile to make it appear more pleasing. Each smile may require something different and for that reason our professional and dedicated dentists take the time to assess what your particular concerns and needs are, before starting the transformation. It may involve changing the shape and or colour of your teeth, replacing old fillings or replacing missing teeth.

Which problems can a smile makeover fix?

  • yellow teeth
  • chipped teeth
  • broken teeth
  • discoloured fillings
  • teeth that are too short
  • gaps between teeth
  • cracked teeth
  • poor position of teeth
  • missing teeth
  • gum problems
  • uneven size teeth

How much does it cost?

Each smile is as different as the person who wears it, so each treatment is unique. Once our dentists have had a chance to meet you and understand the best approach in improving your smile, we will offer a written treatment plan, so that the total cost is very clear before and treatment is commenced. We even offer the option to get your smile looking it’s best ever now and up to 12 months to pay the treatment off, via ZipMoney


How long does it take to create?

This completely depends on which concerns we are trying to address. Some enhancements can be done in a sinlge visit, while others may take months to achieve.

The following are some examples of improvements, which can be done in a single visit:

  • Bonded veneers
  • Replacing discoloured fillings
  • In office whitening session
  • Closing gaps between front teeth
  • Polishing chipped teeth
  • Fixing broken teeth

The long term dental health and success of the smile makeover is closely related to the home oral hygiene. Our team will offer special home care instructions, suited to your teeth and gums, to ensure your new smile lasts for life!


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