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Dental Insurance – How Much Do I Get Back?

How much?

One of the most commonly asked questions we hear from patients at Corio Central Dental is; How much will my treatment cost?It’s a question that we always try to answer, before starting any dental treatment and offer as many treatment options as possible, in various price ranges. We hope you find the following insights about dental insurance helpful.


What are Item Codes?

Any work done by a dentist has an item code (numeric description of the treatment). This is 3 digits long for example: 011, 022, 521. Some standard dental treatments such as; a root canal treatment, usually have multiple item codes, for a single appointment.


What are dental rebates?

When a patient has private dental insurance, the insurance company for example BUPA, HCF, GMHBA, Australian Unity etc, will refund a certain amount of money, for each item code. This refund is called a rebate. The rebate amount depends on the level of cover. That means – the more you pay per month, the more you get back. A large number of patients believe that they should receive far more, than they will actually receive. Insurance advertising is a very interesting this!! We come across this on a daily basis at, Corio Central Dental. Patients, please read the fine print of your private insurance contract and know what you are being covered for.

At, Corio Central Dental, we are able to provide you with a quote for your dental insurance rebate amount. A treatment plan (complete list of all the item codes, created by a dentist) is needed for this. Quote can be arranged at Corio Central Dental reception, NOT over the phone. We will need your private health insurance card on the day.

How to decide if it’s worth getting private dental insurance:

-how much will your total dental treatment cost?

-how much will you pay for dental insurance?

-how much $ will you get back?

It may be helpful to calculate this for a 12mth period.


Example case scenario:

Total treatment plan is $5,799, to be done over 12mths

Total cost of insurance ($100 p/m) = $1,200 over 12mths

Total rebate expected $1,450 within 12mths (most insurance policies have a limit rebate for each 3/6/12 mth period, please study the fine print!)

So, it would be up to you, to decide, whether it’s worth paying $1,200 to receive $1,450.

The actual benefit would be a mere $250 over a 12mth period, in this example. (Even though the insurance companies may make it sound a lot better.)

Hopefully, It’s now clear to understand why it is very difficult for our phone staff to give a patient an idea of how much “out of pocket” cost they would be required to pay, before we have a chance to carry out a consultation.

If you don’t currently have insurance and are considering signing up, it’s a great idea to have a dental treatment plan made, so that you can make an informed decision, about your rebate potential. Dental treatment plan will also help when choosing the best level of cover, in your situation.




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