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Is It Wise To Remove Wisdom Teeth? Geelong

What are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the very last molar teeth to come out. This happens at around age 18-21. People usually have 4 wisdom teeth in total, but some people have less or none at all. In a modern day world, where we eat processed foods, which come from packets, humans no longer need as many teeth as our ancestors did, and so the wisdom teeth Geelong commonly do not fit in the jaw. They get “stuck” during their development and this is called an impacted wisdom tooth. 

7 Reasons To Remove Wisdom Teeth Geelong:

  1. Decayed and rotten – they must be removed to prevent infection
  2. Infected – they must be removed t prevent re-infection
  3. Impaction – if they are growing on an irregular angle, they must be removed
  4. Ulcerating cheek – if they are cutting into the cheek and causing ulcers
  5. Bad breath (Halitosis) – impacted or decayed wisdom teeth can be a source of halitosis
  6. Orthodontics – if there is insufficient space in the mouth, some orthodontists will suggest to have the wisdom teeth removed
  7. Poor Oral Hygiene – some wisdom teeth may be very hard to keep clean, due to their location in the mouth and to prevent surrounding teeth getting rotten, the wisdom teeth need to be removed

Is Getting Wisdom Teeth Geelong Removed Painful?

At Corio Central Dental, we are well equipped for removal of wisdom teeth safely and comfortably. Patients who are very nervous may prefer to go to sleep to get the wisdom teeth removed. We offer wisdom teeth removal under general anaesthesia at St.John of God Hospital, in Geelong. Recovery and pain levels after the surgery depend on the following factors:

  1. Position of the wisdom tooth – some teeth are easy to remove and others are more tricky. At Corio Central Dental, we will always let you know what to expect after your wisdom teeth removal procedure.
  2. Age of patient – it is ideal to have wisdom teeth removed before age 30. This makes the procedure much easier to tolerate. As we get older, bone becomes more dense and recovery may be longer.
  3. Medication – at Corio Central Dental, we will always prescribe the correct medication following the removal of wisdom teeth Geelong. Patients who are compliant with taking the medication correctly, recover comfortably. Failure to take the given tables may result in difficult recovery.

First step is to get an assessment, and this can be done during a short consultation appointment at Corio Central Dental.




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