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Preventing Dental Emergencies – Dentist Geelong

What are dental emergencies?

Dental emergencies can be classified as a severely broken tooth, a painful tooth, trauma to the face and teeth, sports related dental injury, toothache, facial swelling, gum swelling, tooth access or a loose tooth. Some severe dental infections, left untreated, can also lead to limited mouth opening which could potentially compromised breathing and be a life threatening situation! Corio Central Dental is a dentist Geelong are here to help.


Dentist Geelong shares 5 Easy Ways to Prevent a Dental Emergency:

  1. Book yourself in for a check up when NOTHING HURTS! This is the easiest dentist Geelong appointment you will ever have and this simple action can save you thousands of dollars as well as painful, sleepless nights up with a toothache.
  2. Fix problems early on! This may sound very simple, but majority of people do not make general / basic dental treatment a priority. Items such as holidays, new cars, new TVs, new clothes and general lifestyle expenses seem to always creep up to the top of the list, ahead of basic dental needs. Getting that small fixing fixed early on is much cheaper and less traumatic than a big facial swelling followed by a root canal treatment.
  3. Get a mouthguard. If you play any type of impact sports, you are a higher risk of having a dental emergency. Broken front teeth are very common from all types of sports. Making a customised mouthguard at a dentist, NOT a boiling water mould type from the chemist can save you thousands of dollars in dental emergency bills. Corio Central Dental can make you one for only $185.
  4. Make an appointment to the dentist Geelong. It is surprising how many people will go to a doctor for a toothache. Doctors are not able to fix teeth, they can only prescribe pain killers or antibiotics, both of which will TEMPORARILY make you feel better, but the tooth will still need fixing in the end. Putting off a dental appointment will only make the dental emergency more likely and more severe.
  5. Last but not least, schedule your 6 Month review check ahead. Treat it as routine car maintenance, to ensure a car operating smoothly, it needs routine maintenance. To ensure good dental condition and prevent a dental emergency, 6 Monthly check upas are essential.


We are a private dental practice and fees are payable on the day. If you have a health care card, please contact DHSV for an appointment.

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