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Where Does a Toothache Come From?

What Is a Toothache Geelong?

A toothache is a severe painful experience associated with one, or a number of teeth. It may feel like that side of the mouth or face is painful. In severe cases, a toothache Geelong can feel like it spreads to the jaw joint, ear and even head. Patients can even report having headaches, nausea and even fever from a toothache.


7 Most Common Reasons for a Toothache:

  1. Dental decay – cavities or holes in teeth eventually cause a toothache
  2. Impacted wisdom teeth – patients may or may not know that they have wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth can lay dormant and one day cause a severe toothache
  3. Infection – decayed teeth which have been left untreated can eventually cause dental infection, which presents as a toothache
  4. Grinding – some patients tend to clench and/or grind their teeth during the day or night. The muscles around the jaw eventually get very stressed and may feel like a toothache
  5. Inflammation of the gums – gum diseases such as periodontal disease may feel like a toothache at some point
  6. Dental nerve – teeth have nerves in the middle. Large dental cavities (rotten teeth) can cause the nerve to get infected and this feels like a severe toothache
  7. Leaking fillings – old fillings eventually break down and need replacement. One of the signs of this may be a toothache

How To Fix a Toothache:

  1. See a dentist immediately!
  2. If you did not notice #1 – SEE A DENTIST IMMEDIATELY!! Some of the more common behaviours patients often choose when they have a toothache are;
  • waiting until the toothache goes away
  • see a GP and get a script for pain killers
  • see a GP and get a script for antibiotics
  • rinse mouth with salt water/coconut oil/antibacterial mouthwash/special magic potion etc
  • pray that the toothache goes away
  • call a friend and ask what to do
  • go to a pharmacy and buy magical toothache potion

While all of the above actions may help to alleviate the pain temporarily, NONE of them will address the actual reason for the toothache. It is absolutely essential to find the CAUSE of the toothache and fix that cause once and for all. Only dentists are able to appropriately assess the problem and make a diagnosis. At Corio Central Dental, once a diagnosis is made, you will be given options on how to manage this cause of toothache. Please don’t delay, toothaches need to be managed to prevent more serious, sometimes even life threatening situations.


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