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Do you have the best dentist in Geelong?

Do you have the best dentist in Geelong? We live in a fast-paced world where technology is ever changing, expectations placed upon us are higher than ever and time is always lacking. Materialistic possessions and monetary achievements are highly valued. Dentists and dental practices have a reputation of being expensive, money hungry, judgemental and indifferent. … Read more

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Dental appointments during pregnancy

Is it safe to have dental treatment when pregnant? It’s extremely important to make sure you don’t have any infections or disease relating to your teeth and gums during pregnancy. Dental appointments during pregnancy can either be check-ups or actual treatment. Check-ups are very safe and an excellent idea, to have during your pregnancy. If … Read more

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Dental Insurance – How Much Do I Get Back?

How much? One of the most commonly asked questions we hear from patients at Corio Central Dental is; How much will my treatment cost?It’s a question that we always try to answer, before starting any dental treatment and offer as many treatment options as possible, in various price ranges. We hope you find the following … Read more

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Is It Wise To Remove Wisdom Teeth? Geelong

What are Wisdom Teeth? Wisdom teeth are the very last molar teeth to come out. This happens at around age 18-21. People usually have 4 wisdom teeth in total, but some people have less or none at all. In a modern day world, where we eat processed foods, which come from packets, humans no longer … Read more

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Preventing Dental Emergencies – Dentist Geelong

What are dental emergencies? Dental emergencies can be classified as a severely broken tooth, a painful tooth, trauma to the face and teeth, sports related dental injury, toothache, facial swelling, gum swelling, tooth access or a loose tooth. Some severe dental infections, left untreated, can also lead to limited mouth opening which could potentially compromised … Read more

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Where Does a Toothache Come From?

What Is a Toothache Geelong? A toothache is a severe painful experience associated with one, or a number of teeth. It may feel like that side of the mouth or face is painful. In severe cases, a toothache Geelong can feel like it spreads to the jaw joint, ear and even head. Patients can even … Read more

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Cosmetic Dental Treatment

Your Smile Relates to Your Self-Confidence! Our smile is one of the first things others will notice. It’s also important to our self confidence. Teeth which are missing, crooked, broken, discoloured, chipped or decayed can cause a lot of embarrassment and grief to patients. Patients often mention that they would like to improve their smile. … Read more

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Children’s Dental Appointment – Do’s and Dont’s!

Your Child’s Dental Appointment Many parents worry and stress about how their children’s dental appointment will go. Whether it’s just a check-up or a booking for dental treatment – the idea can be daunting. Will my child feel comfortable? Will the dentist be nice? Will it hurt? Will there be needles? And the list goes … Read more

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Dentist Corio

Most common disease on the planet?? We have all seen Colgate and Oral B commercials – promising to fight tooth decay and keep your teeth healthy. We have all heard about the apple a day, keep the doctor away story. Well, yes, technically that’s all true, but that’s only one small aspect. Patients at dentist … Read more

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Getting Your Man To A Dental Appointment Corio

It’s For My Partner, Dad, Son Boyfriend… It’s almost every day that we get a phone call from a female, complaining of a broken tooth or a toothache, asking for treatment costs and appointment times. It’s only when we begin to make the booking that she usually says “ohh.. it’s not for me the dental … Read more